About Us


Rev Dr Andrew Gardner

Interim Minister

Andrew Gardner was introduced as Interim Minister at Barnhill St. Margaret’s on 25th April 2021. Andrew was born in Glasgow and spent his teenage years in Callander. After school he studied at the University of Glasgow and in early 1989 he came to Dundee to take up a research position at the Scottish Crop Research Institute. During that time he met Julie and responded to a call to ministry. He took up his studies for full time ministry in October 1992 and during his training undertook placements at The Steeple Church, Clepington Parish Church and the linked congregations on the Carse of Gowrie. Andrew served as Probationer / Assistant Minister of the High Kirk Dundee, under the supervision of the late Rev Dr Harry Gibson. In June 1997 Andrew was ordained and inducted as minister of Flowerhill Parish, Airdrie. After 7 ½ busy years there he was called to St Andrew’s Church of Scotland in Brussels. He returned to Scotland with Julie in December 2018 to take a position on the Interim Ministry team and spent over 2 years of Christ’s Kirk, Glenrothes.

Andrew and Julie have two grown up daughters, Bethany is married to Tim and they live and work in Sunderland. Karalyn lives and works in Brussels.

Andrew is a keen gardener, a life-long Dr Who fan and on a cold Saturday afternoon could occasionally be found with friends, sipping Bovril on the terraces on Tannadice.

Beth Duncan

Pastoral Assistant

After spending the first 5 years of married life in Aberdeen Beth and her family moved back to Dundee and Beth joined Barnhill St Margaret’s in 1986. In 1992 Beth started to help with the Sunday School, then in 1994 she was involved in setting up a bible class group called Seekers. Several years later Beth began helping with the Chi Rho group who met on a Sunday evening, and became an Elder at the Church in 1997. In 2004 Beth was involved in a small group who met with the Church of Scotland Impact Group to organise a summer holiday club and this has been going ever since. Beth has been actively involved in Messy Church since it started in 2011 .

Beth was appointed by the Kirk Session as Pastoral Assistant in February 2010 and it is a position that she says she feels privileged to hold.

Beth is married to Ken and has 4 children and 3 grandchildren. In her spare time Beth enjoys reading, knitting, gardening and walking.

Evelyn Scanlan

Youth Worker

Evelyn has enjoyed working as a youth worker at Barnhill St Margaret’s since January 2017 and has loved getting to know the young people who attend our Chi Rho and Youth Club group. She has found it a pleasure getting to know the rest of the congregation and volunteers at Messy Church, Holiday Club and the Gala Day. Evelyn has been impressed with the warm welcome at Barnhill St Margaret’s as well as the wonderful facilities.

In the past year Evelyn has helped at our Thursday morning Tots & Toddlers and had forgotten how lovely it is to play with little ones again.

Evelyn has lots of experience working with young people running a Friday Night Project in the area she lives for the last 10 years. She enjoys the energy, enthusiasm and challenges that young people bring and finds it particularly satisfying watching them change from boisterous pre-teen to mature young adult.

Churches have experienced a decline in the number of young people attending and Evelyn is interested in finding ways and ideas to encourage their involvement in worship and church life. Young people are the future of our Church and Evelyn is delighted to be a part of a project to engage with them.

David Butchart

Session Clerk

David joined Barnhill St Margaret’s Parish Church, Easter 1977. Church has always been an important part of his life. Throughout his Church life at Barnhill St Margaret’s Parish Church, David was active as an elder on Kirk Session. He was appointed Session Clerk in January 2011.

Over time, the Church has seen many changes and challenges, and with this brings new opportunities. Kirk Session aims to build on a strong union with many committed members willing to try new things. In common with many Churches, there is a need to renew our efforts to encourage younger people to be involved in the life of the Church, along with new ways of worship.

David works full-time in the healthcare industry. He is married to Fiona and has a son, Cameron who works and lives in Edinburgh. A keep-fit enthusiast, he enjoys walking, swimming and cycling. As a keen amateur gardener, David finds this a very relaxing and rewarding hobby.

Alison Tonner

Office Secretary

Alison has been our Church Secretary for over 20 years and is the first point of contact for all our enquiries either face to face, telephone or e-mail. Alison is responsible for all administration requirements and provides support to our minister and various Church committees.

Kirk Session and Committees

Our Kirk Session, made up of the elders in the Church and guided by our Minister and Session Clerk, usually meets monthly to discuss and take decisions on a wide variety of congregational matters and business.

Church members and members of the public can attend these meetings but do not have a vote and may on occasion be asked to step out of the meeting if a confidential or sensitive matter is being discussed.

Several committees report to the Session. These committees are made up of Church members, not necessarily elders, who may have a particular interest or area of expertise relevant to that committee.

The committees currently in place are

• Fellowship
• Nurture
•  Outreach
• Care Team
• Property (including Health and Safety and the Grounds Team)
• Stewardship and Finance

If you would like any more information about the Kirk Session or any of its committees, please contact the Church Office.

At a meeting on 7/12/2021 the Kirk Session agreed the following Aims and Objectives for the next period of the Interim Ministry:

  1. Address the issues around the Property Committee in order to identify a constructive, clear, and healthy future.
  1. Review the model of governance, its functioning, duties and expectations of elders and committees.
  1. Identify future models of Pastoral Care not wholly dependent on the Elder/Districts model.
  1. Identify how communication can be improved at all levels and create processes for doing so.
  1. Identify ways through which some traditional tasks associated with Ordained Ministry might be developed for the future in others. Such as leading of worship and pastoral care, and the essential roles of ‘leadership’ in a shared congregational setting.
  1. Engage fully with the conversations involving presbytery and neighbouring congregations to shape the Mission Plan.

Please find the most recent Kirk Session meeting minutes here


Barnhill St Margaret’s

One of the ways that we can express our love for God and for others is through our giving. Both the Church of Scotland and Barnhill St. Margaret’s rely on charitable giving, and any support given is deeply appreciated. Donations from members and supporters are vital in enabling us to meet the cost of ministry and mission and for the upkeep of our historic building. Our donations also help support the wider work of the Church both at home and abroad.

There is an Online Giving page on the Church of Scotland website which enables you to use PayPal (PayPal charge 30p + 2.9% per transaction) to give to the Church of Scotland centrally or to an individual congregation like Barnhill St. Margaret’s. See here to take you straight to the ‘Donate to Church’ page.

Regular donations can be made by Standing Order or Freewill Offering envelopes. UK taxpayers can also increase their giving by 25% at no cost to themselves by filling in a Gift Aid Form. For further information please contact the Church Office.

Christian Aid

Christian Aid seeks to create a world free from extreme poverty and injustice by tackling the root causes. At Barnhill St Margaret’s we actively support Christian Aid, and encourage any Church members who are able to do so, to make regular gift-aided contributions directly. During Christian Aid week we arrange doorstep collections within our parish, and on the penultimate day you will find members of our congregation shaking their collection buckets locally. We also enjoy collaborating in an event with other nearby church congregations to raise the profile of Christian Aid locally.

To donate or find out more about Christian Aid please visit their website here.

At Barnhill St. Margaret’s we also support the following local charities;

Dundee Foodbank

Approximately 1 in 5 people are deemed to be living in poverty, and Dundee Foodbank aims to provide assistance to this group by way of providing food parcels to those deemed most needy.
Barnhill St Margaret’s Church has been a supporter of the Foodbank for a number of years, by inviting and encouraging members of the congregation to donate items of food each Sunday. At the main entrance of the Church are 2 large labelled green plastic baskets where non-perishable food items can be donated.

A team of Church volunteers are responsible for delivering donated items to the Foodbank each week. Of course, if you as an individual would like to deliver directly to the Foodbank, please find a link to their website below.

To read more about the work of Dundee Foodbank and for a list of what items are urgently required please see here.

Dundee Starter Packs

Dundee Starter Packs SCIO is a voluntary charity, initiated by Scottish Churches Housing Action in 2000, responding positively to the problems faced by resettling homeless individuals, families and those in need, in Dundee and surrounding areas. People are referred for a number of different reasons but they all have one thing in common, financial hardship and have no means to provide themselves with basic household items.

Barnhill St. Margaret’s alongside other local Churches collaborate with Dundee Starter Packs by collecting good quality unwanted household items, such as; Crockery, Cutlery, Pots, Pans, Utensils, Casserole Dishes, Mugs, Tumblers, Storage Containers, Bedding, Towels, Curtains and small domestic electrical appliances.

Small donations can be left at the main Church entrance.

For more information on the charity or to contact them directly to arrange a large donation please visit the Dundee Starters Packs here.

Our Church contact for Dundee Foodbank is the Church Office 01382 7372949 and Dundee Starter Packs is Christine Johnston 01382 477739.