Interim Ministry – Aims and Objectives

At a meeting on 7/12/2021 the Kirk Session agreed the following Aims and Objectives for the next period of the Interim Ministry:

  1. Address the issues around the Property Committee in order to identify a constructive, clear, and healthy future.
  2. Review the model of governance, its functioning, duties and expectations of elders and committees.
  3. Identify future models of Pastoral Care not wholly dependent on the Elder/Districts model.
  4. Identify how communication can be improved at all levels and create processes for doing so.
  5. Identify ways through which some traditional tasks associated with Ordained Ministry might be developed for the future in others. Such as leading of worship and pastoral care, and the essential roles of ‘leadership’ in a shared congregational setting.
  6. Engage fully with the conversations involving presbytery and neighbouring congregations to shape the Mission Plan.