Why God?

We have two options. Either the whole universe appeared out of nothing by chance and our existence is the result of a miraculous series of coincidences, or there is a God who made everything. Scientists look at the evidence, form a hypothesis and see if it fits the observed facts. Does the presence of a Divine Being fit with the universe as we see it? The majority of the world’s population believe it does. However, we do differ in our understanding of God.

Why Jesus?

Jesus is central to our understanding of God. Few people would argue that Jesus didn’t exist. The main problem is whether he was a good man, a prophet, or God. For many it goes against all our reasoning (and even appears blasphemous) to say that God became human. Yet this is exactly what Jesus claimed, and was why he was killed. Again, does his teaching and his behaviour fit with what we would expect if this is true? The bible is quite clear, God has spoken through Jesus

Why the Holy Spirit?

Before Jesus was born God said that he would be called Emmanuel, God with us. God is no longer distant. However, after Jesus’ death and resurrection, how could this be? God sent the Holy Spirit (sometimes referred to as the spirit of Jesus) to be with us and in us. We all know that it’s bad enough being told we’ve got something wrong but we’d rather have help to get it right next time. God gives us His Holy Spirit to help us live life His way.

Why Read The Bible?

I love You! The bible is God’s way of telling us just that! Being human, we tend to forget or doubt it and we need reminding by reading God’s love letters to us. We’re not always very good at knowing how to behave in relationships and situations. There are books and magazines telling us how to handle different aspects of our lives. God has given us a handbook. “If all else fails, read the Maker’s instructions

Why Pray?

Nowadays we can’t live without e-mail or a mobile phone. We’ve such a strong desire to keep in touch and find out what’s happening, that we even walk down the street chattering to invisible friends. If we are friends with God, is it unreasonable for us to chatter to God as we are walking along or doing the dishes? There are times when we need quiet to think what we want to say, and to listen. At times, too, we don’t know how to put feelings into words and need set words to help us. All these are prayers.

Why go to Church?

Why do I go to Church? Because I’ve nothing better to do! Your initial reaction is probably that you’ve got lots of better things to do such as clean the car, do the shopping, play golf, stay in bed…. In comparison Church is, at best, boring. What’s the point? Take a stick out of a fire and it will soon go out. Stop meeting with a friend and the relationship begins to fade. Miss training and you soon don’t play so well. The Christian life is just the same– we aren’t meant to live it alone.

Why Sin?

Why not go to your house drain, dip your cup in and get a nice refreshing drink? It may be 99.9% pure water, but that’s just not good enough. And we are like that. We prefer the picture of weighing scales, and hope that we’ve done more good than bad. Or an exam where we meet the pass mark, but God wants us to be perfect. Sadly, all too often “I did it My Way” rather than God’s – that’s sin, and as in human relationships our selfishness breaks our relationship with Him.

Why The Cross?

Have you ever done anything you deeply regretted, and wished you could put it right at any price? If we feel that way in our relationship with another human being, how much more should we feel it if we want to restore our relationship with God? But can we pay the cost? We don’t like the idea that we can’t pull ourselves up and put things right. We also don’t like the idea of God punishing an innocent party (Jesus) for our wrongdoings. But, “There was no other good enough to pay the price of sin. He only could unlock the gates of heaven and let us in.” The cross is a central image for Christians because it is God’s answer to our sin.

Why Not Join Us?

Batteries need recharging, cars need refuelling and we need spiritual power. Clothes need washing, teeth need brushing and we need fresh forgiveness. Friendships need renewing, love needs to be shown and our friendship with God needs to grow. Generally, human beings function better in a group which is why we are in families and we join clubs. We can be a Christian on our own, but we’ll get help and encouragement in a group. Please come and join us, we look forward to meeting you.